Bridge is your partner on the road to success

This means that our relationship doesn’t end after we help you establish the main purposes of your business. Rather, we are with you every step of the way; continually helping you rephrase and reshape your business’s vision and mission. We help you set objectives and the right strategy – and then work to tailor them according to your future success.

  • Bridge for Consulting

    Your way to success.

core services

Job Analysis & Description

Bridge helps you place your employees in the right positions. We analyze each job within your business.

Organizational Chart

No matter how big or small your business, Bridge will design an organizational chart that matches the positions and responsibilites.

Integrated Solutions

Our business expertise allows us to provide sophisticated techniques for restucturing and improving your business's performance.

HR Outsourcing

We want your business to grow, and so we offer a full HR outsourcing service that covers all HR functions.


We are recruitment specialists, wherther for permanent, temporary or contract employees, and working according to the nature of each job vacancy.

Staffing Plan

Bridge develops a comprehensive staffing paln for you business, striking a balance between saving on costs and improving productivity.

Performance Evaluation

Bridge helps you create a customized evaluation system, with performance appraisal forms that facilitate accurate appraisal of each position within your business.

Training Plan

As we analyze your training needs, Bridge formulates an organized training plan that will maximize the performance of the employees who have proven themselves to be an integral part of your business.

other services

Personnel and Salaries

Bridge handles all personnel and salary tasks, including:

  • - Employeee attendance and overtime.
  • - Payroll.
  • - Social and medical insurance.
  • - Discipline reports.
  • - Personnel archiving and records.
  • - Vacation and personal leave data.
  • - Punishment records.
  • - All personnel analysis.

Benefits and Compensations

We survey other revelant companies and organizations to determine the market's offerings in terms of salary, compensation and benefits.

Discipline System Policies

Our progressive discipline system is designed to organize and facilitate workflow while also enhancing communication between managers and employees.

Human Resource Information System

Bridge can establish a HRIS to collect, record, store, analyze and retrieve the data of your organization's human resources, which will differentiate you from your competitors.